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Spirit Sailing

A Modern-Day Parable of Co-Laboring with God
Gene Austin
Dan Crenshaw has it all: career, family, house, and retirement fund. He’s earned respect as a business leader and provider for his family.

But Dan’s perspective shatters one weekend when the cracks in his personal life break wide open. He discovers he’s not the man he wants to be. At the same time, he witnesses the power of his grandfather’s spiritual legacy. In his eighty years, Papi has changed lives for the better, and God is at the center of it all.

On a simple sailboat ride, Papi shares the secret to his legacy, and Dan’s life changes forever. He embarks on a journey full of challenges and blessings, heartaches and heartwarming moments.

In this modern-day parable, discover what it means to Spirit Sail as you follow Dan on a journey of learning to co-labor with God. Dig deeper into what it means to embrace God’s purposes for your life.

Your own spiritual legacy is in the making.

Encountering Christ

Meeting Jesus in His Seven I Am Statements
Eddie Bumpers

Standing against a backdrop of pagan temples at Caesarea Philippi, Jesus asks his disciples who people say he is. They reply, “Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” High opinions indeed, but they all fall short. So, Jesus asks directly, “But who do you say that I am?”

That’s the question this book seeks to answer – not from the plethora of opinions that emerged over the centuries or dot the cultural landscape today, but from the lips of Jesus himself. Through seven “I am” statements, Jesus of Nazareth leaves no doubt as to his true identity. From “I am the bread of life” to “I am the true vine,” Jesus reveals himself as the eternal Son of God, who added sinless humanity to his deity via the miracle of the virgin birth and then voluntarily laid down that life on the cross for our sins. As “the way, the truth, and the life,” he is our one sure hope of salvation.

Encountering Christ offers in-depth, readable explorations of Jesus’ seven “I am” statements recorded in the Gospel of John. Taken from a sermon series preached in the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pastor Eddie Bumpers of Crossway Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri, helps readers understand who Jesus really is – and better yet, to know him personally.

Previous Releases

What Every Christian Should Know About the Return of Jesus

Rob Phillips

This study focuses on the truths about Christ’s second coming that are plainly stated in Scripture, and on which nearly all Christians agree. With the non-negotiables of Christ’s imminent return in view, we are better prepared.

Understanding The Baptist Faith & Message

A Simple Study for Southern Baptists
Rob Phillips
This short study helps Southern Baptists appreciate the value of their confessional faith, as well as grasp the simple truths of the BF&M’s eighteen articles. 

The Seventh Resurrection

Daniel Carr & Martin Winslow

The Seventh Resurrection explores six instances of God overcoming death in the Old Testament, resulting in someone rising from the dead, leading up to the event of Easter. The design of the book allows readers to study one event per day for six days during the season of Lent.

Renew & Resound

A 40-Day Guide to Renewal
Resound Network

This guide, developed by Missouri Baptist pastors and leaders, provides a 40-day journey with six daily devotions per week and a weekly challenge to foster spiritual renewal and healthy churches.

How Do I Retire?

Richard L. Baker

How Do I Retire? helps you assess your current financial situation, articulate retirement goals, discover a plan that’s right for you, and take positive steps now to prepare for what could be the most fulfilling days of your life.

What Every Christian Should Know About Satan

Rob Phillips

What Every Christian Should Know About Satan explores  biblical names and titles that reveal the evil one’s character, tactics, and ultimate destiny.

The Seventh Birthday

Martin Winslow & Daniel Carr

The Seventh Birthday unpacks 7 momentous birthdays in a compelling series of advent devotionals.

Elephants in the Church

Ken Parker

We’ve all heard the expression, “The elephant in the room.” But what happens when elephants come to church?

Jesus Before Bethlehem

Rob Phillips

Jesus Before Bethlehem explores dozens of Old Testament appearances by a figure often called “the angel of the LORD.”

One Church All People

Bill Victor

One Church, All People offers pastors, Bible study teachers, and interested lay leaders a practical guide that shows how racial and cultural diversities reflect the heart of God.

What Every Christian Should Know About the Trinity

Rob Phillips

What Every Christian Should Know About the Trinity explores the biblical foundation of belief in one true and living God, who exists as three distinct, but inseparable, co-equal, co-eternal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

What Every Christian Should Know About Salvation

Rob Phillips

What Every Christian Should Know About Salvation explores twelve Bible terms that describe God’s gracious work of rescuing us from sin.

What Every Christian Should Know About the Afterlife

Rob Phillips

What Everyone Should Know About the Afterlife briefly addresses what the Bible says about death, judgment, heaven, hell, and much more.

The Last Apologist

Rob Phillips

The Last Apologist is a thought-provoking commentary and study guide through the book of Jude.

What Every Christian Should Know About Islam

Rob Phillips

What Every Christian Should Know About Islam offers a brief overview of this 1,400-year-old religion and seeks to answer key questions about Islam from a biblical perspective.

What Every Christian Should Know About Same-Sex Attraction

Rob Phillips

What Every Christian Should Know About Same-Sex Attraction offers a brief overview of the Bible’s clear teachings on homosexuality, and how Christians can express Christ-like love for our LGBT friends.

The Apologist's Tool Kit (3rd Edition)

Rob Phillips

The Apologist’s Tool Kit 3rd Edition is an easy-to-read reference that equips you to defend the Christian faith with gentleness and respect.

Children's Materials

Let's Share!

A Cooperative Program Children’s Activity Book

Let’s Share! is a 16-page booklet that teaches grade schoolers about the Cooperative Program, which funds Southern Baptist mission work in Missouri, across North America, and around the world. Featuring stories, puzzles, and quizzes, Let’s Share! is an excellent resource for Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, and other activities where kids learn about missionaries, cooperation, and sharing Jesus with people all around us.

Activities include: What Is a Missionary; International Missions; North American Missions; Missouri Missions Organizations; Watch Your Gifts Grow; A Cooperative Program Crossword; Who Can Help; and How Missions Organizations Serve Others.

Missouri Baptist churches can order free copies of this book using the link below. Others can purchase copies by phone (800.736.6227 ext. 303) or email ( for just $2 apiece plus shipping.