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How Do I Retire?

A Practical Guide to Becoming Financially Ready for Retirement
Richard L. Baker, D.Min., AIF

The retirement our parents experienced no longer exists. Rather than work for a single company our entire careers, and then enjoy a comfortable pension supplemented by Social Security, American workers today face a game-changing scenario. By retirement, most of us have worked for seven or eight companies. We have no pension. And our savings are scattered across various retirement plans. Plus, we’re living longer than our parents, which makes us wonder if we’re going to outlive our money.

If you’re trying to navigate these uncharted waters, this book is for you. How Do I Retire? guides you through simple steps that prepare you for the coming transition into retirement. Richard Baker, a trusted and widely acclaimed wealth manager, helps you evaluate your monthly income needs in retirement; maximize your Social Security benefits and investment returns; discover all of your income sources; understand investment options; and transfer your wealth to the next generation.

How Do I Retire? helps you assess your current financial situation, articulate retirement goals, discover a plan that’s right for you, and take positive steps now to prepare for what could be the most fulfilling days of your life. This is a must-read for every person who wants to finish well.

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